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Hope for Slow Readers

When last year teachers told Gail Lawson of Northdene that her daughter Jennifer's reading was "quite slow" for Class Two she didn't think much of it. But a few months later when she volunteered to become a "reading mother" at the school after being retrenched, she realised Jenny did have a real problem.

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Coming to Grips with Problems of Dyslexia

The problems of dyslexic people are little known and even less understood ― even by sufferers themselves. According to some educationalists, there is no such thing as dyslexia, but for many children and adults who despair of ever being able to read or write, the issue is very real indeed.

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Overcoming Dyslexia

Imagine not being able to read. Your academic career would not venture further than high school, seriously hampering your chances of ever working your way up in the world. You could never apply for a job without assistance, being incapable of filling in an application form. You couldn’t write to friends, read for pleasure or simply read road signs and maps on long journeys. In essence, you would be severely disabled in a reading world.

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Why Some Children Seem to Struggle

Some children who struggle at school are regarded as learning disabled. Dr. Jan Strydom thinks this view is out of focus, and suggests a way in which such children may be helped.

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High Potential Edublox Franchise Areas

Eastern Cape: Bhisho (Bisho) Cradock East London Graaff-Reinet King William’s Town Makhanda (Grahamstown) Queenstown Umtata Free State: Harrismith Kroonstad Odendaalsrus …

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Kursus Wys Dit Werk!

Nie net kan Werner Louw (16) nou 163 woorde per minuut lees teenoor die 107 woorde wat hy in Maart gelees het nie. Sy leesvermoë kan nog voor einde vanjaar bo dié van 'n st. 8-leerling wees as hy sy kursus getrou volg.

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Disleksie: Nie Genoeg Opvoeding

ONVOLDOENDE opvoeding en onderrig is die oorsaak van disleksie en nie 'n wanfunksie in die brein nie, sê dr. Jan Strydom, 'n opvoedkundige van Pretoria... Hy beskou die veranderende omstandighede waarin kinders vandag grootword as een rede waarom disleksie toeneem. ''Kinders is passiewer as vroeër...

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New Hope through Audiblox

Dyslexia is a growing problem. There is no doubt that many children and many adults have difficulties in reading. Most people regard dyslexia as a learning problem or disability...

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Dyslexia Breakthrough

A program, which solves children’s spelling and reading problems has been devised by a Pretoria educationist, Dr Jan Strydom. Dr Strydom “completely by accident” stumbled on to this educational treatment which involves placing coloured blocks in various complicated sequences.

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A Special Offer for Parents ― The Year Is 1979…

Starting in 1979, our very first product was distributed in South Africa by Audio Vista (educational publishers), under the tradename OUDIBLOX. To the left is an advertisement that was published in a national magazine. Unfortunately we only have a black and white copy of this ad...

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