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How the Brain Pays Attention

Picking out a face in the crowd is a complicated task: Your brain has to retrieve the memory of the face you’re seeking, then hold it in place while scanning the crowd, paying special attention to finding a match. Neuroscientists have now identified a brain circuit that's key to shifting our focus from one object to another.

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Wat Is Edublox?

Edublox spesialiseer in kognitiewe opleiding wat kinders slimmer maak, en hulle help om vinniger, makliker en beter te leer en te lees. Die klasse spreek die volgende aan: Konsentrasie, perseptuele vaardighede, geheue, logiese denke, lees, spel woordeskat en begrip.

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Read, Learn, Achieve: Effective Help for Reading and Learning Difficulties

Does your child have a learning difficulty? Is your child battling to concentrate, or is his memory poor? Does he read slowly and hesitantly, or does he read with poor comprehension? Does he confuse letters like b and d? Does he spell words as they sound, for example "rite" for "right"? Is he struggling to reach his full potential?

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New Language Boosts Brainpower

Learning a second language can improve brainpower, a study says. Researchers at University College London studied the brains of 105 people, 80 of whom were bilingual, and found that learning a new language altered grey matter the same way exercise builds muscles...

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