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Beter Konsentrasie Na Net 5 Dae — Suid-Afrikaanse Navorsing In Singapoer

Die resultate van die studie toon verbeterde konsentrasie, of anders gestel, verbeterde gefokusde aandag, na net vyf dae. Gefokusde aandag is die vermoë om op een ding te konsentreer en alle ander dinge wat jou aandag kan aflei, te ignoreer. Mense met aandaggebreksindroom is bekend daarvoor dat hulle sukkel om op een ding op ‘n slag te fokus.

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Research Study: Edublox Improves Processing Speed of ADHD and Dyslexic Students

Educational specialist Dr Lee DeLorge in Ohio tested the effect of an Edublox program on processing speed. Sixty-seven students aged 5 to 18 with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and non-specific learning disabilities participated in her study. Ninety-four percent of the learners improved significantly. Results were as follows...

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Edublox Research Study: Improving Visual Memory and Visual Sequential Memory

The mean Visual Memory Skills Test POST score across both groups was significantly higher than the mean Visual Memory Skills Test PRE score. The mean score across both groups improved from 6.2 years to 7.5 years (i.e. 1.3 years after 22.5 hours of training).

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Studies Show Edublox Increases IQ Scores

The group who did Edublox were tutored simultaneously for 27.5 hours between April and August of that year, and showed an increase of 11.625 in non-verbal IQ scores, from an average of 101.125 to an average of 112.75. The group who did not receive cognitive training showed an increase of 4.625, from an average of 104.25 to an average of 108.875.

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Edublox Franchises for Sale

Edublox Witbank: Please contact Alida Smit for more information. Email: [email protected] / Cell: 082-949-2461 Edublox Randburg:  Please contact Monique van Heerden for …

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Demonstration Videos for Edublox Tutors

Demonstration of steps a-e. (Note: Individual reading wasn't done here and the words were read too fast for beginner readers. These kids have been practising for a long time.)

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Audiblox Pre-school Programme Effective for School Readiness

0% scored a stave of 1 (very weak) compared to 7% of NED children; 0% scored a stave of 2 (weak) compared to 24% of NED children; 32% scored a stave of 3 (average) compared to 38% of NED children; 53% scored a stave of 4 (good) compared to 24% of NED children; and 16% scored a stave of 5 (very good) compared to 7% of NED children. READ MORE...

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A Special Offer for Parents ― The Year Is 1979…

Starting in 1979, our very first product was distributed in South Africa by Audio Vista (educational publishers), under the tradename OUDIBLOX. To the left is an advertisement that was published in a national magazine. Unfortunately we only have a black and white copy of this ad...

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