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Preparing Your Children for Homeschooling

When you commit to educating your children at home, you are embarking on a journey together. Life is about to change drastically for all of you, and the odds are favourable that the benefits will far outweigh any drawbacks. Your children may be excited about the change, or they might be feeling anxious. Here are a few tips to prepare your kids for homeschooling, even if your insides are turning somersaults.

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How TV Affects Children — The Good and the Bad

TV is a fundamental part of many children’s lives — many kids are glued to the TV for hours every day. Add the time they spend staring at DVDs, computers and video games and the screen time really mounts up. Does this do any damage, or is it a harmless way for kids to pass the time?

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Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic — How Does Your Child Measure Up?

The three R’s of learning are reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. A child’s ability to read, write and do arithmetic (maths) sets the foundation for their academic success, and impacts their potential for future accomplishments across-the-board.

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Tips for Parents: Assessing Your Child’s School Report

Just before the school holidays really begin, there is a moment of truth when parents receive their child’s year-end school report card. Knowing what to look out for when reading a school report is really essential for all parents, regardless of the final mark their child receives.

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Early Warning Signs for School Failure

How is your child coping at school? Is he struggling to grasp new concepts and cope with the workload? Three areas of human develop influence a child’s ability to learn. Physical, emotional and cognitive areas are separate and different in many ways, yet similar and connected in others. Your child may present with a problem in one area, but its cause may lie in another.

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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Many parents are worried about their children when they leave the house. However, what about when your child is at home and online? Unfortunately, today’s technology has allowed a new kind of predator to enter the safety of our homes. Parents must now be educated in keeping their children safe while online.

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Is Your Child Coping in Class?

There are three areas of human develop that can influence a child’s ability to learn; namely physical, emotional and cognitive development. While these three areas are distinctly different they are connected in many ways.

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Dear Diary… A Mother’s Story of Despair, Hope, Perseverance and Success

Based on real events — this is the mother’s side of story of helping her child with his reading problem as she confided to her diary...

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Rethinking the Way We Plan our Children’s Diaries

It's time to rethink the way we plan our children’s diaries. Too many children are busy going from one afternoon activity to the next, every day. They hardly have enough time to enjoy unstructured play or complete their homework, let alone succeed academically.

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Preparing Preschoolers to Succeed in Life

A person’s ability to cope in the adult world, have a career and take charge of their financial affairs depends largely on their mastery of reading, writing and arithmetic during childhood. Unfortunately many people fail to develop these skills adequately and grow up battling dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia...

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