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Create a Garden Reading Nook in Your Child’s Room

Literacy is necessary to do well in life. Children need to read every day in order to hone their literacy skills. Teach your child the love of books by creating a garden reading nook in the corner of their room.

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How to Start a Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to get a group of like-minded friends together and discuss a new book you have just read. Reading a story is one thing, but being able to discuss the story and get some conversation going, is even better.

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Secret Of Newborn’s First Words Revealed

A new study could explain why "daddy" and "mommy" are often a baby's first words — the human brain may be hard-wired to recognise certain repetition patterns.

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Talk Your Child Clever

There is little doubt that language acquisition is one of the key milestones in early childhood development. Much of a child's future social and intellectual development hinges on this milestone. A language delay can lead to isolation and withdrawal, and to learning difficulties and poor academic performance.

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