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namib-timesThe article below appeared in the Namib Times on 20 August 2013:

We use our cognitive abilities to acquire knowledge; they can be considered our tools for learning, reading and coping. Some children suffer from reading problems, they battle to concentrate or have poor memory, but there is a solution.

They may some-times read slowly and hesitantly or read with poor comprehension and confuse letters like b and d. Sometimes children struggle to reach their full potential and parents do not always know the way out. Some of these problems are addressed at Edublox Reading and Learning Clinics. Edublox is a complete brain development programme. It focuses on developing specific parts of your brain such as attention, visual and auditory processing, memory, logical thinking and more.

Edublox is a purely scientific way of fully developing the brain. It is a programme developed by Jan Strydom from Pretoria almost 30 years ago! The programme and techniques applied are a result of intensive research about learning over a thirty-year period. The methods they use work because they are based on universal learning principles and not on individual learning styles. The techniques are based on what all people have in common, therefore they can make a dramatic difference to the reading and learning abilities in all learners.

When a student wants to attend Edublox classes, an assessment of the child’s reading and learning skills such as logical thinking is firstly done to see where there is a skill lacking. Once this has been established, children then attend weekly classes to improve concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking, reading and spelling. Mrs Connie Senekal, head of Edublox Swakopmund says that they realise some children are in need of a head start, and these students can then attend an intensive two week holiday course. Continuing with regular weekly classes after this will then further better the student’s skills.

Edublox strongly believes that there is no such thing as a stupid child, all that is needed is development. Parents should realise that for optimum results children should attend Edublox classes weekly for at least a year to two years. Steffie de Wet, who works with Mrs Senekal also added, “The earlier you start with Edublox the better, as the younger ones develop faster.”

Edublox is not a “quick-fix”, rather it is a process of development. It focuses on the reading and learning problems not symptoms, therefore these problems can be solved effectively.” Edublox is used all over the world in countries such as Australia, America, South Africa and many more. Swakopmund is the only centre that offers Edublox in Namibia and they currently have about 26 children attending, and already great results can be seen! Changes in behaviour patterns can also be seen in concentration.

To ensure that quality education is upheld through and through, internet cameras and connected computers put the Edublox head office in the position to monitor all Edublox classes. Steffie de Wet shared with us that one of her students initially read one word in two minutes, and within a time frame of only two months he has improved to the point that he now reads a whole column of words with-in two minutes.

Mrs Connie Senekal says the Edublox programme is not only for children with problems, but it is also extremely beneficial to aid in development of all children. She added, “This is of course an extremely satisfying career to pursue. The joy of seeing the growth and development within a child is priceless!”

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