115 Edublox Academic Support Videos – In This Together! UPDATED 29 APRIL 2020

Despite the turmoil the world is in at the moment, Edublox remains dedicated to developing learners academically, cognitively and in terms of their reading and learning – in the lockdown period, and beyond!

It is in the spirit of our mission that we have developed content to support learners with fun learning activities, development exercises, and reading and learning exercises.

This is the introductory page for content that has been developed by the collective Edublox team and the Head of Educational Programmes. There are three main sections:

  1. Fun Activities:

The Edublox website is currently home to many valuable articles and fun activities and free printables to keep the kids busy during the extended school holidays and especially during rainy weather! Watch out for articles like ‘Cross-cross crossword puzzles for teenagers and adults’, ‘10 Logical thinking quizzes and answers’ and ‘Counting activities for pre-schoolers and school beginners’. These articles are a welcome break from online programmes that schools are running and can provide educational entertainment for the whole family.

  1. Edublox Academic Support Videos

The Edublox Academic Support Videos is a collection of educational and cognitive development support videos that have been compiled by an experienced team of Edublox Educational Practitioners and tutors who present the specialised EASY Bridging programme. Although these videos are designed to support our EASY learners during lockdown and are CAPS aligned themes for different grades, they can be of value to all children and parents are welcome to share them with their friends and families.

Here is a full list of interactive videos (in Afrikaans and English):

General Foundation Phase:


English FAL:


Afrikaans FAL:


Life Skills:

Social Sciences:

Natural Sciences and Technology:.

  1. Edublox’s Online Reading and Language Lessons

Until such time as life returns to normal, Edublox will continue to teach our children by means of our cognitive online program, as well as videos containing reading and language lessons. The reading and language lessons are presented on five levels so that learners, old and young, will benefit from them.

The videos have been designed to keep children learning (including reading and spelling) and progressing while they are unable to attend physical classes. As they are exclusively available to existing Edublox clients, access to the videos are password protected and subjected to copyright. Local franchisees will be in touch with existing clients to share password details.

If parents are interested in booking an interactive, online home-based assessment, they are welcome to contact the closest Edublox outlet. We will be continuing with online services until normal classes resume.


The Edublox Team

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April 29, 2020

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