Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2016 In a Nutshell

For the last seven years, Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey to help us measure our performance as a business and the quality and results of our educational programmes. One of the key questions that we ask each year is whether a child’s academic performance improved at school – and from each year’s results we are able to make valuable decisions to help us improve our customer experience.

We would like to thank each and every parent who participated in the survey — we value your feedback! Here is a short summary of the collated results from our 26 franchises across Southern Africa.

Survey FeedbackV3_Final

Selected feedback from parents (English and Afrikaans)

“Edublox is the most amazing programme. I always recommend it to all my friends and will continue to do so. My son improved every term, his results increased tremendously. He is so confident and happy, his teacher said if he continues he will thrive. We are so proud and also very thankful for Edublox. The team is amazing! Thank you!”

“Ek sal graag u dienste voorstel aan ouers met kinders wat akademies wil verbeter en presteer. Baie dankie vir u omgee en liefde teenoor my kind.”

“Edublox was one of the best choices I have made regarding my child’s education. I see a lot of improvement in my boy and in his confidence as well.”

“Baie dankie aan die Edublox span — die verskil wat julle in my kinders se lewe maak is onbeskryflik. My oudste het van ‘n geen-presteerder na ‘n toppresteerder toe gegaan en dit alles te danke aan julle.”

Questions and responses

The annual survey is a valuable opportunity for parents to share any complaints and frustrations with Head Office. We would like to take the opportunity to address these queries.

Q: Why are children of different ages grouped together in the same classes?

A: Children are assigned to classes based on their cognitive skills and reading levels as per their initial assessment results and not according to age groups. This allows for tutors to better address the difficulties experienced by a specific group and to avoid presenting a generic lesson that not all children can benefit from.

Q: Why do I need to pay Edublox fees over the December holidays, when my child is not attending class?

A: When parents sign a contract for a fee over a contract period, it means that we take that total amount and divide it by the amount of months that the child attends classes to accommodate parents as far as possible. Don’t think of it as a monthly charge for attended classes – it’s more of a monthly instalment of the total amount for the period.

Q: I’m receiving quarterly reports at other reading and learning help institutions. Why does Edublox only provide a progress report every six months?

A: At Edublox, we believe that there is no quick fix to addressing reading and learning problems. Improving cognitive skills, like auditory memory, is a long-term project. Improving a child’s auditory digit span from 4 (poor) to 6 (average) can take up to a year. Quarterly reports therefore tend to discourage learners and parents if they don’t show results immediately. Also consider that not all learners attend the same amount of classes and follow the same programmes.

For us, the most important measurement of success is the improvement of school results on the long term, but most parents notice some improvement in the aspects and difficulties that prompted them to approach Edublox in the first place quite soon.

That being said, we are continually investigating how we can improve the reporting experience and communication to parents.

Q: Why are tutors allowed to take their cell phones into classes?

A: Certain franchises make use of WhatsApp as a direct communication medium between tutors and parents, and this channel might be of use in case of an emergency.

Thank you for participating in our survey! The results will be discussed during our Edublox Conference in 2017 and we will lean heavily on your feedback to help us improve our classes and client service in the year to come.

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