Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2019

For the last nine years, Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey to help us measure our performance as a business and the quality and results of our educational programmes. One of the key questions that we ask each year is whether a child’s academic performance improved at school; from each year’s results we are able to make important decisions to help us improve our customer experience.

We would like to thank each and every parent who participated in the survey — we value your feedback! Here is a short summary of the collated results from our 45+ franchises across Southern Africa.

* These results reflect the total positive responses with regards to selected questions.

Selected feedback from parents:

  • Ever since my twins started attending the Edublox classes there is quite an improvement in their results, and they have better understanding of their schoolwork. Homework time is now easy as they read with understanding and are able to do what is required in the tasks.
  • My child has improved in schoolwork, especially in reading and writing sentences. I really appreciate the effort for the Edublox staff to help our children. Keep it up. I would like to encourage those parents whose children are struggling to take their kids to Edublox.
  • Edublox is a best tool for struggling kids and it will change their life for ever; it will change them for the better.
  • We are very pleased to confirm that we see a positive change in Jordyn’s attitude in tackling her daily tasks. She’s more confident and has found a safe space where others can relate. She’s excited about her lessons and that brings us much joy!
  • Absolutely positive experience with Edublox and their staff.
  • My son has had brilliant results. I couldn’t say a bad word about Edublox and would happily recommend them to every parent/learner.
  • I wish I knew about Edublox a long time ago.
  • When I fetch my child after school, he is physically tired and mentally exhausted, but after attending an Edublox class which only ends at 16:30, I find that my son has more mental and physical energy after the class. He is calm and happy. I highly recommend this program to everyone I meet.
  • To be honest, my child hates going to Edublox – which child would actually be happy about a maths class on a Saturday? However, we can see a great improvement in his maths tests as well as his level of confidence when doing maths. The only reason he can read today (and extremely well) is because of his Edublox classes a few years back.

Questions and responses:

The annual survey is a valuable opportunity for parents to share compliments or problems with Edublox’s Head Office. We came across mentions of a few isolated issues that were addressed during the course of the year, but we would like to take the opportunity to address some of the comments from parents:

Q: Why can afternoon Edublox classes not be scheduled around my child’s other extramural activities?

A: Although we would love to accommodate every child, there are certain limitations that must be taken into consideration. Classes are scheduled at set times according to reading level and language preference, and in some cases there are up to 24 learners attending classes. Logistically, it is not always possible to accommodate all of the learners in large groups. While we do accommodate children where possible, we generally encourage parents to view Edublox classes as an important extramural activity that will benefit their children in the long run, and we appreciate their dedication towards attendance of the set class schedules.

Q: I’ve noticed that my child is not assisted with homework in the afternoons.

A: In some cases, franchisees make allowances for children who have transport difficulties to spend the afternoons at their premises after school and after their Edublox classes until their transport arrives. This is time usually spent doing homework, but unfortunately there are no tutors available to focus on homework assistance. Edublox strives to equip children with the skills to become independent learners who can complete their homework confidently – but one-on-one homework assistance after school is not included in our services.

Q: Is it possible to sit down with the Edublox staff once a quarter to discuss a learner’s performance?

A: We encourage Edublox franchisees to provide development reports to parents every six months from the day a child starts with the programme. We believe that there is no quick fix to addressing reading and learning problems. Improving cognitive skills, like auditory memory, is a long-term project. Improving a child’s auditory digit span from 4 (poor) to 6 (average) can take up to a year. Quarterly reports therefore tend to discourage learners and parents if they don’t show results immediately. Also consider that not all learners attend the same number of classes and follow the same programmes. That being said, if you feel there are communication gaps around your child’s progress, please feel free to approach your local Edublox franchisee and please notify the Edublox Head Office in your queries are not resolved to your satisfaction.

Q: It bothers me that I’m paying for lessons that are being missed during school holidays. I was hoping that we could make up those lessons…

A: Rest assured, our lessons are arranged according to a national schedule and we cater for school holidays in order to cover required lessons during the school terms. When parents sign a contract for a fee over a contract period, it means that we take that total amount and divide it by the number of months that the child attends classes to accommodate parents as far as possible. Don’t think of it as a monthly charge for attended classes – it’s more of a monthly instalment of the total amount for the period.

Thank you for participating in our survey! We will lean heavily on your feedback to help us improve our classes and client service in the year to come. To those who reported negative experiences, we will take heart and investigate how we can ensure that all children that come through our doors are nurtured and supported in their educational journey.

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February 14, 2020

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