Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2020

For the last decade, Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey to help us measure our performance as a business and the quality and results of our educational programmes. From each year’s results, we can make important decisions to help us improve our customer experience.

One of the key questions that we ask each year is whether a child’s academic performance improved at school, and we are very proud to note that this metric has consistently stayed above 90% over the last ten years.

The year 2020 was a tumultuous one, but as the chaos of Covid-19 unfolded across the world, the Edublox team asked a tough question: How can we keep helping children and supporting families in the face of a global pandemic?

We set to work preparing educational content and activities for the lockdown and took on the mammoth task of providing an option for tutor-based virtual Zoom classes where possible. When we were eventually allowed to open again, we compiled and executed stringent protocols to keep our children, parents, and tutors safe, and did extensive development on Edublox Online Tutor for our international market. But, behind the scenes, were dedicated parents and children who forged ahead to complete the most erratic and disrupted academic year in many decades.

We would like to thank these families for their dedication and support through this turbulent year – and your willingness to adapt to a new way of working with Edublox to the benefit of children everywhere. This is why the 2020 annual client survey may be the most significant one to date; we are proud to share the results and we are ready to take the feedback and suggestions into 2021.

Here is a summary of the collated results from our 40+ franchises across Southern Africa:

* These results reflect the total positive responses with regards to selected questions.

Selected feedback from parents:


We highly recommend the assistance received, thanks a lot. God bless!

My daughter’s concentration has improved tremendously and she is slowly getting off her meds for concentration. She is reading more fluently.

The staff is very friendly and dedicated to helping all kids. My kids have confidence and believe in themselves because of the amount of work that the staff is doing and, most of all, is the love and attention they give my children. Thank you very much.

Staff were awesome — my kids had a busy schedule. The staff accommodated us as far as possible.

Edublox is great for my child. I rate the service very highly.

I am very impressed with the improvements in my child’s education after so much pain in looking for a school. Edublox gave us a new lasting hope for which we are forever grateful. The teachers are very passionate and loving. Having a child with learning disabilities improve at a great pace is awesome.

Tutors are like angels sent down to help our children. I will recommend them to anyone as they are VERY helpful, friendly and professional. I can see they have a passion for their work. Each child gets the attention they need. My daughter loves going there and she has become more confident in her reading. Thank you to everyone in this program who builds children up and does not break them down. Wish all schools were like this……

I’m constantly saying that Edublox is the best decision we have made for our daughter.

Questions and responses:

The annual survey is a valuable opportunity for parents to share compliments or problems with Edublox’s Head Office. We came across mentions of a few isolated issues that were addressed during the year, but we would like to take the opportunity to address some of the comments from parents:

Q: Can I get a monthly progress report?

A: We encourage Edublox franchisees to provide development reports to parents every six months from the day a child starts with the programme. We believe that there is no quick fix to addressing reading and learning problems. Improving cognitive skills, like auditory memory, is a long-term project. Improving a child’s auditory digit span from 4 (poor) to 6 (average) can take up to a year. Quarterly or monthly reports, therefore, tend to discourage learners and parents if they don’t show results immediately. Also, consider that not all learners attend the same number of classes and follow the same programmes. That being said, if you feel there are communication gaps around your child’s progress, please feel free to approach your local Edublox franchisee and please notify the Edublox Head Office if your queries are not resolved to your satisfaction.

Q: I’m concerned about homework assistance.

A: Edublox strives to equip children with the skills to become independent learners who can complete their homework confidently – but one-on-one homework assistance is not included in our services. In some cases, franchisees make allowances for children who have transport difficulties to spend the afternoons at their premises after school and after their Edublox classes until their transport arrives. This is time usually spent doing homework, but unfortunately, there are no tutors available to focus on homework assistance. If there are any additional queries around this, please speak to your local franchisee for more information.

Thank you to every parent for participating in our survey! We will lean heavily on your feedback to help us improve our classes and client service in the year to come. To those who reported negative experiences, we will take heart and investigate how we can ensure that all children who come through our doors (and work with us online!) are nurtured and supported in their educational journey.

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January 22, 2021

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