Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2021

For more than a decade, Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey. This helps us measure our performance as a business, the quality and results of our educational programs. One of the key questions that we ask each year, is whether a child’s academic performance improved at school; from each year’s results, we are able to make valuable decisions to help us improve our customer experience.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the learning of all students in South Africa. Keeping this in mind it is notable to mention, that survey results reflect not just Edubolx success in 2021 but that of every student, parent and tutor.

We applaud every student for arriving at tutoring sessions eager to learn. We would like to thank every parent for supporting us and your children to achieve success. Lastly, we would like to show appreciation for all the dedicated tutors who put in so many hours of hard work.

Part of the survey was to calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is used to measure customer loyalty and how likely they are to refer your products and services to others. We are very proud to have achieved a score which is 26% above the world industry standard for education.

Here’s a short summary of the collated results from our 40+ franchisees across Southern Africa:

* These results reflect the total positive responses with regard to selected questions.


Selected feedback from parents:


Edublox helped our child build confidence in reading English. Her maths marks even improved to 100% because of dedicated tutors and a fun learning environment.

The one-on-one intensive course was probably the best investment in my child’s academic journey that we’ve made thus far. We were extremely impressed with the way she experienced the 2 weeks as well as with how quickly her confidence grew over those two weeks. Edublox has made a real difference in my child’s cognitive development, not just her reading ability. It has been evident in all aspects of her academic journey

My son’s English and Afrikaans marks improved over 20 % each in the first term of attending classes.

EduBlox is great. I really appreciate all the hard work they put into my child.

Al wat ek kan se is dankie.. Dankie vir Edublox julle is so passionate oor die lesse, en die kinders, en ek kan ‘n groot verskil sien. Dankie vir ALLES!!

I’m very satisfied with the outcomes of my son after attending Edublox. There is a huge improvement in his schoolwork, even teachers mentioned that his concentration span is improving. I’m very proud to say he is one of the top students in his class.

I would recommend Edublox to anyone. My son has grown so much and I appreciate every second that the teacher gave this year

The Edublox tutors were patient and professional with my daughter’s learning. I see the change in her now in terms of reading and asking for clarity.

Dankie dankie dankie!!!!! As ek dit ‘n miljoen keer kan skryf en se sal ek dit bitter graag wil doen… Julle is AWESOME

I have now got a totally different, more disciplined and happy child since he has been with Edublox.

Even though COVID disrupted the classes, my son has shown a marked improvement since the beginning of the year. He was even awarded a certificate for the most improved student in his class. His reading has improved from him not wanting to read at all, to him asking his younger sisters if he can read to them before bedtime. I will definitely enroll my daughter as well next year. Thank you for your wonderful program!

Our next steps:

Following the survey which was conducted in December, franchises will now have a opportunity to review their scores achieved and feedback received. They must compare their results with the overall results, and adapt accordingly to provide for better service levels and improved lessons in 2022


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