Edublox Reading, Maths and Learning Clinic in Phalaborwa

Gené van der Merwe rides a zip line when she wants to relax. (A zip line is a cable suspended high above the ground and the riders are attached to it by a pulley system. Somewhat like a “foofie slide” on steroids.) She will however, never try her hand at parachuting because she loves structure and the safety that being anchored provides. And this is precisely why she has become such a successful Edublox franchisee.

The Edublox franchise in Phalaborwa is run jointly by Gené and her mother Karen, a school teacher with more than 20 years’ experience. Gené was looking for a business opportunity after concluding her studies in counselling and psychology at the Potchefstroom University. She was immediately attracted to Edublox because of the structures that management has put in place to help franchisees and tutors to provide the best possible service. Her passion for people and the specifically the development of people has helped her to grow the Phalaborwa franchise into a respected business.

Gené’s caring and nurturing nature is evidenced by the results she has been able to achieve in a relatively short time. Besides riding a zip line she also loves reading and she reads widely on a variety of subjects. Her faith is very important to her and another contributing factor in her success.

What Edublox offers

• An assessment of your child’s reading and learning skills.
• Edublox classes aimed at Grade 1 to 10 learners improve concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking, reading speed, spelling ability and reading comprehension.
• Mathblox classes are aimed at Grade 2 to 7 learners and set the foundation for grasping mathematics.
• The Edublox English Language Course is aimed at learners in Grade 3 and older.
 Intensive holiday courses1-on-1 courses and the EASY programme for accelerated progress and results.
• Studiblox course on study skills, study methods and study techniques for Grade 4 and older learners.
• School readiness classes for the little ones.

Contact Gené

Tel: (015) 781-7305
Cell: 072-620-7588
Email: [email protected]
Address: 39 Lekkerbreek Street, Phalaborwa

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