Edublox Helps Pave the Way to Monnapule’s Future Success

Monnapule Jansen is the beneficiary of a medical intervention through Cricket South Africa’s Player Performance Plan, where the 13-year-old received funding for a life-changing ear operation earlier this year after being diagnosed with cholesteatoma, a progressive inner-ear disease, in both ears. The disease can lead to a loss of hearing and acute pain.

Today, the talented all-rounder has a degree of improved hearing and is now receiving an educational intervention through CSA, whereby he attends extra classes at Edublox Kimberley, focusing on his reading and writing skills.


According to Rika Pieters, owner at Edublox Kimberley, Monnapule confidence has improved since he did an intensive one-on-one programme to help with his reading. “We found that Monnapule really pushed himself and when he got something right, you could see that he was really pleased with himself. In the beginning he struggled to interact with us, but today, he is an open child – and we are very proud of him.”

She adds: “If you have a successful reader you have a successful learner. And that is our big aim for Monnapule – for him to be able to go out there, to read, comprehend, and further his studies. The sky is the limit.”

Edublox is proud to be part of Monnapule’s support team in his journey, and would like to thank Cricket South Africa for the privilege. We are cheering him on!

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November 25, 2019

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