Edublox Joins Hands with EQ4Kids

Edublox specialised reading, maths and learning services and EQ4Kids, an emotional intelligence development franchise business, is forming a strategic partnership to help promote children’s holistic academic and emotional well-being.

While Edublox focuses on cognitive training programmes that improve reading, learning, comprehension and maths, the EQ4Kids programmes aim to help children better recognise, understand, label, express and regulate their emotions. According to Henk du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer of Edublox, it was this singular focus as specialists in the respective businesses that created great synergy for the two brands to investigate how they can work together to the benefit of South African families.

“We believe that children can learn easiest when they are feeling emotionally secure and safe – and EQ4Kids excel at promoting healthy emotional development,” he says. “That’s why we are happy to refer Edublox parents to their local EQ4Kids franchises and to encourage collaborations between franchisees locally,” he adds.

According to Antoinette Steyn, co-founder and co-owner, EQ4Kids proactively lays the foundation for the development of emotional intelligence from an early age, while also guiding parents to deal with issues like sibling rivalry, temperaments, anger management and bullying. “EQ4Kids and Edublox both have, at the heart of their business, the focus of helping children achieve their dreams by laying a solid, healthy foundation, and from there equipping them with the tools to thrive in their lives going forward – whether it’s emotionally or academically,” she adds.

  • Visit www.eq4kids.co.za for more information about the EQ4Kids programmes and workshops.
  • Visit www.edublox.co.za for more information about the Edublox cognitive development programmes and study methods courses.


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September 28, 2019

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