Meet the Owner: Danike Aucamp, Edublox Riversdale

In 2018, Edublox added a Centre offering to our list of services — a streamlined Edublox franchise best suited to smaller towns.

This compact version of our clinics enables Edublox to extend reading and learning help to even more children across South Africa, many of which live too far from existing clinics to make a bi-weekly commute. For the Meet the Owner feature, we caught up with some of our centre owners about their experience so far…

What compelled you to open an Edublox branch in your area?

I am a maths and science tutor. I was shocked to see how many children have learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD. I also saw a lot of children who are very intelligent, but whose marks don’t show it. A lot of parents said that their children don’t know how to learn, and they don’t know how to help them, because they also don’t know how to learn.

I knew I had to do something to help these children. It’s very important to me that each child reaches their full academic potential. I did a lot of research to find a programme that could help them. Then I found Eudblox! I was so excited because it was the only programme with such a high success rate and that is based on scientific research.

How is the local community supporting you as a small business owner?

The schools are very supportive and excited about the Edublox programme, and they have supported me a lot in terms of my marketing efforts. They also allow me to use their classrooms for the Studiblox Study Methods Course.

How are you giving back to your community (e.g. social investment, involvement at schools, etc.)?

When the business takes off, I would like to sponsor something tangible that the schools could use to their benefit, like stationary.

What is the most rewarding aspect about owning an Edublox Centre?

Hearing that the children enjoy the classes and knowing that it genuinely helps them.

Are there any misconceptions in your area about Edublox and its services that you would address if you could?

Parents often get confused between Edublox Classes and the Studiblox Study Methods Course. The former is classes that focus on cognitive training to help children read and learn faster, easier and better and addresses concentration, memory, and logical thinking (to name a few aspects). Studiblox helps children to pack more learning into less time, study smarter and to approach tests with confidence.

There is also a misconception that Edublox is only for children who are really struggling and have serious learning disabilities, and not for all children who want to reach their full academic potential.

What’s your message to parents who are feeling lost in terms of which interventions can help their children succeed academically?

There is hope – persevere and you will find a solution that is right for your child. Look for providers that address your child’s problem holistically and not one that necessarily zooms in on one single aspect that seems to be lacking. That’s why I’m such a fan of Edublox – it addresses the foundational skills required for lifelong academic success.

Contact Danike:

Tel: 084-627-9379
Email: [email protected]
Address: Die Kwekery en Dam Restaurant, Ladysmith Road, Riversdale

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