Meet Suegnet Oberholster, Educational Practitioner at Edublox Wierda Park, Centurion

Suegnet Oberholster has spent the past decade applying the knowledge and skills she acquired during her studies towards a B-Com Communication Management degree in the medical industry. Although a seemingly unrelated field, this allowed her to live out her passion for people, business and marketing.

As a graduate in 2010, she found herself drawn to the field of medical practice management instead of a traditional communication-related field, and accepted a role as an accounts administrator at Centurion Eye hospital. From there, her career went from strength to strength as she added value in various capacities for a variety of well-respected eye institutions, including in her designation as an ophthalmologist’s assistant.

A dedicated mom and wife, Suegnet recently started experiencing an affinity towards a career that is specifically dedicated towards helping children and making a positive difference in their lives. As she started doing some serious introspection into what her true life’s purpose is, she thought of how Audiblox (an early version of what today is known as Edublox Clinics/Centres and Edublox Online Tutor) changed her life during her own academic formative years. From there, her answer was a Google search away — when she realised that Edublox did not have a Wierda Park office, things fell in place for her quite quickly.

“I’m amazed at how my circumstances lined up so perfectly in order for me to seize the opportunity to become an Edublox franchisee in our area,” she says. “My dream for Edublox Wierda Park is that it’ll be a space where kids and parents feel encouraged and safe, knowing we care, we are here to help, and that we strive to be the best for the kids on this journey.”

Suegnet felt that the Edublox credentials in terms of a 95% success rate and the fact that the programmes are rooted in scientific research was the key in her decision to pursue a career change: “I’m truly confident that my experience and connections in the medical field has equipped me to be a successful business owner. Edublox Wierda Park will be kicking off with a bang – and we are looking forward to serving our Wierda Park community!”

Edublox Wierda Park 2
Edublox Wierda Park 4

What Edublox offers

• An assessment of your child’s reading and learning skills.
• Edublox classes aimed at Grade 1 to 10 learners improve concentration, perception, memory, logical thinking, reading speed, spelling ability and reading comprehension.
• Mathblox classes are aimed at Grade 2 to 7 learners and set the foundation for grasping mathematics.
• The Edublox English Language Course is aimed at learners in Grade 3 and older.
 Intensive holiday courses1-on-1 courses and the EASY programme for accelerated progress and results.
• Studiblox course on study skills, study methods and study techniques for Grade 4 and older learners.
• School readiness classes for the little ones.

Contact Suegnet

Cell: 082-479-3355
Email: [email protected]
Address: C/o Chris Hougaardt and Theo Street, Wierdapark

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