Living Your Passion For Making a Difference in Children’s Lives: An Edublox Tutor Case Study

Tracy Ramsden has always known she wants to work with children. Before working at Edublox, she was a nursery school teacher and an Au Pair for many years. Even though this time solidified the idea that Tracy wanted to work with children, she felt there were bigger and better opportunities. When Tracy heard of Edublox through a friend almost a decade ago, she contacted Edublox business owner Monique van Heerden.

“Initially, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do going forward, I was only going to work part-time for Edublox temporarily. I started really enjoying the work, and soon my hours started increasing,” tells Tracy.

Like any new job, the first few months had ups and downs. Even though Tracy was already very confident working with children, it took time for her to get used to the specific nature of the program.

“One of the greatest struggles was to realize that this process takes time. The program works, but it takes time and consistency. The biggest challenge is getting the learners to realize that and see the bigger picture for themselves and their future.”

After working with Monique for a few months, Tracy began seeing the program’s effectiveness and started working for Edublox full-time in 2015. “I can now see the big picture, knowing that all their hard work will pay off eventually. I live for those moments when you see the child realize their potential and their self-confidence to grow, and then we start seeing the results.”

Over the past ten years, Tracy has witnessed many success stories. But one, in particular, stands out for her. “I worked with a sixteen-year-old boy with zero reading skills and could not even read on a grade 1 level. During our sessions, I taught him to read and gave him the confidence in himself to continue his progress. I am very proud of that.”

Tracy now hopes she can continue living out her passion while having the patience, drive and support to help learners overcome learning challenges and reach their potential.

“I have always been good with children, but I have seen my abilities grow and expand. I have seen the impression I can have on individuals, and that inspires me to keep going and persevering even if sometimes it is not always easy.”

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