Meet Sandra Hancock, Owner at Edublox Somerset West

Sandra completed her Bachelor of Primary Education in 1985 at the University of Cape Town. In 1991 she completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of South Africa, majoring in English and Psychology. Since she dealt with children from various cultures, she obtained a TEFL certificate in 1999.

With technology being used more and more often in the classroom, she added to her skills by completing a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology at the Walden University of America in 2016.

Her practical teaching experience began in 1986 where she taught Grade 1 learners at Rhenish Primary School in Stellenbosch. She then taught at various schools in the Western Cape, until her final employment before leaving the country, teaching Grade 5 learners at Simon’s Town School from 1992 to 1999.

Sandra’s career then took a super interesting turn when she privately tutored a hotel magnate’s son for a year in Vermont in the United States, who was experiencing educational challenges. Following that, she spent two years teaching in North Carolina at Allen Jay Elementary School. In 2002, she went to the United Arab Emirates where she taught at three different private schools for the next fourteen years. Her duties as Head of Science at ADNOC Elementary School gave Sandra valuable experience, as she delivered training modules to grade teams to ensure the smooth adoption of a new science program, including implementing a new science curriculum. She designed and delivered workshops on using the 5E learning model to create student-centred lesson plans; and worked on STEAM initiatives; recycling and upcycling with the learners and community, including creating a community vegetable garden.

“My heart called me back to South Africa, and I returned home to Somerset West in 2018;” Sandra says. “One thing my international experience taught me, is that learners from all over the world experience similar learning challenges and very often the schools are not able to support all those in need of assistance.”

When Sandra discovered Edublox, she realised that the teaching programme was well-suited to deal with reading and learning challenges faced by so many learners. Since Edublox has a solid history and well-documented successes, she realised that it would benefit the learners in the Helderberg Basin, and that she could help provide the building blocks of learning which leads to academic success through her own Edublox outlet. She opened her franchise earlier this year, and is determined to build her business despite the challenges that 2021 has posed so far.

What makes you happy in your personal life?

All work and no play make a dull life, so I have many recreational interests. I am an avid reader, enjoy walking, and also have a private pilot’s licence and love to fly.

Why are you passionate about helping children?

It is sometimes difficult to understand how detrimental it can be to a child when they are faced with a learning challenge, which they feel they cannot overcome. It gives me an unbelievable sense of fulfilment when I am able to help them realise that with the necessary reading and learning skills, they can reach the goals that were previously unattainable. With each child that Edublox helps, the future becomes brighter.

What is the best part of your day at Edublox?

The best part of my day spent with my learners, is when I see their confidence grow as their learning skills improve and they realise that academic success is an achievable goal.

If you could give one message of hope to parents in your area whose children are struggling with reading and learning difficulties, what would it be?

Many parents feel stressed having had to home-school their children which can be very challenging. Some children have found it hard to cope in these abnormal times. Edublox can now assist you in helping them deal with the negative effect this may have had on their school year.

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Contact Sandra

Cell: 063-303-9790
Email: [email protected]
Address: 22 Leccino Terrace, Helderberg Estate, Somerset West

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