New Edublox Easy Independent Schools: Renewed Hope to Struggling Learners

Edublox reading, maths, and learning services have registered the first three of their outlets as independent primary schools, bringing renewed hope to learners struggling with significant reading and learning difficulties.

The Edublox Academic Support Years (EASY) programme is a full-time alternative to regular schooling that provides intensive, specialised support to children struggling in a mainstream school. Although the EASY bridging programme has been presented as part of the regular Edublox offering at selected Edublox outlets over the last years, there was a need to intensify the levels of support to these learners following missed schooling due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Edublox aims to be a premier service provider for developing learners’ foundational cognitive, literacy, and numeracy building blocks, enabling them to achieve their maximum academic potential.

Edublox Swakopmund and Edublox Walvis Bay were the first schools registered in Southern Africa, with Edublox Durbanville as the first of a few local outlets in the pipeline to successfully complete registration as an independent combined school (Grades 3-9). According to Hannelie Brönner, Manager: Educational programmes for Edublox and the owner of Edublox Durbanville, the registration has enabled learners to gain access to daily cognitive, reading and spelling development as part of their school day. “We are so excited that we can realise our vision of providing an academic home for children whose intervention opportunities were previously more limited.”

“Our small classes enable more personalised attention and allow teachers to go back to earlier grades to identify and plug gaps in learning,” says Lizani Müller, National Operations Manager: Edublox EASY. “It’s a relief that the parents and children in these areas now have more options when confronted with significant reading or learning difficulties,” she continues. ”It’s also exciting that some of our other outlets are also in the process of registering in areas where there is a need – we hope to announce more news within the next few months.”

The Edublox outlets making this transition will remain dedicated to their existing Edublox programmes and afternoon classes but will include expanded facilities and parking options as required by the process of registering an institution as a private school.

“Having the freedom to focus on intensive development alongside the curriculum enables learners to not just ‘cope’ or ‘survive,’ but to actually turn around their learning challenges and improve academic performance so that they can move forward with confidence, resilience, and independence.” We would like to thank all our EASY parents for their ongoing support of this programme, and their support in its expansion,” Hannelie concludes.

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