Radio Interview: Overcoming Concentration Problems

Low concentration and attention levels are a common problem among children. Many kids find it difficult to concentrate or focus on a particular issue for too long. Loss of concentration could pose a serious problem to your child, especially in the classroom.

Susan du Plessis, Director of Educational Programmes at Edublox gives advice on how learners can overcome concentration problems in their studies and also talks about the three kinds of attention problems experienced by learners. If the questions below concern you, listen to the interview that was broadcast on 18 May 2015 on Radio Riverside:

1. It’s coming up to exam season and children need to remember what they have learned, but some struggle to do that. What are the three kinds of attention problems children can experience?

2. Lack of concentration is often linked to poor memory. So when parents think their child has a concentration problem it actually could be something else — is that right? Tell us more about memory.

3. There seem to be so many different options for helping children with learning problems, people talk about medication to control hyperactivity and mind training programs. What is your take on those solutions?

4. What is the best way to help children improve their concentration?

5. Do you have any fun games or practical exercises that parents can do with their children to help them improve their concentration?

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