Program Improves Reading

Christiene Swanepoel
Karusha Kratz with teacher Christiene Swanepoel

This article appeared in the South-West News in Australia in 1998:

For 15 years Karusha Kratz has only been able to read four words.

But after a two-week intensive learning program called Audiblox, Karusha can read 45 words.

Karusha, 15, has Williams syndrome. Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which causes varying degrees of intellectual disability.

Karusha’s mother Liz Kratz said Karusha’s improvement was “absolutely incredible.”

“We had started with reading programs since she was three and nothing seemed to work,” she said.

“Up until now she couldn’t read ladies and gents on toilet doors so I couldn’t let her go anywhere independently.”

Audiblox uses colored blocks to re-teach memory, concentration and sequencing skills.

The program began in South Africa and was introduced by Christiene Swanepoel who came to Australia to market the product.

School principal Ross Miles said he was excited by the program’s results. “We are very impressed by the short-term gains, they have been significant.”

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