Brain Development



Six Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Do you spend time at the gym giving your muscles and heart a workout? Well, what about your brain? It needs exercise too. Recent studies are showing the benefits of using mental puzzles and challenges to exercise and strengthen brain power...

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Six Ways to Boost Your Brainpower

Researchers concluded that people with high brain reserve have almost half as much risk of developing dementia as those with low brain reserve. Feeling a little less mentally quick than you did a few years ago? Here are six proven ways to boost your brainpower....

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Neuroplasticity: An Extraordinary Discovery of the Twentieth Century

In the past few years neurologists have dismantled, piece by piece, the entrenched view that the human brain is fixed and unchanging in adults. It was long believed that once we grow up, our brains have a set number of neurons performing functions in a fixed way.

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