Child Franchise Opportunity



It Can Be a Long Path to the Dream: A Business Owner Case Study

Jonelle's business may only have opened its doors a year ago, but the success of her efforts is evident. Not only did she stay afloat during such a turbulent economic time, but she reached her maximum capacity of learners in less than a year.

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Women’s Right to Success in Business: A Business Owner Case Study

Today Lizani is not just a franchise owner but a mentor for her colleagues. She plays an integral role in training franchisees and acts as an action learning coach during peer group discussions. As her franchise grew, her husband Johan became involved. Together they took the business to the next level.

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Good News Story for Business Owners

It’s an age-old success formula in business and still highly relevant: Do what you are passionate about! This is the basis of the criterion applied by Edublox, a successful South African franchise about to enter the international market. As Managing Director Henk du Plessis explains...

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