Crossword Puzzles



Criss-Cross Crossword Puzzle for Teenagers and Adults

This criss-cross puzzle will be enjoyed by teenagers and adults. Click on the puzzle to print. Then write the list of words into the grid, crossword style. The solution is provided below (don't spoil the fun by checking!).

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Printable Crossword Puzzle Tests Your Child’s Knowledge of English (Grades 3-5)

Something sweet to eat after a meal is called -------, a, e, i, o and u are called -------. This printable crossword puzzle is not only fun, it is educational too! Visit our website for many more fun, but educational activities your child can do.

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Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Our printable crossword puzzles are not only fun, they are educational too! Doing crossword puzzles is an easy and fun way for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling, become familiar with a subject, or just to enjoy themselves.

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