Dyslexia a Myth?



Dealing with Dyslexia

Dyslexia, is it a life-long condition that needs to be diagnosed, or a meaningless description used as an excuse? While that might be a harsh way to look at something that so many pupils and even academics struggle with daily, it is the sort of question that plagues parents when they hear their child might be dyslexic.

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The Dyslexia Debate…

According to Professor Julian Elliott and Professor Elena Grigorenko a diagnosis of dyslexia adds little value. In their book, The Dyslexia Debate, Elliott and Grigorenko write: "Parents are being misled by claims that such dyslexia assessments are scientifically rigorous, and that a diagnosis will point to more effective forms of treatment."

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Radio Interview, 702 Talk Radio: Is Dyslexia a Myth?

There is much debate around dyslexia and whether it is life-long condition that must be diagnosed or a meaningless description used for personal gain that should be discontinued. Talk Radio 702 presenter John Robbie talks to Susan du Plessis about the debate.

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