Dyslexia Awareness



5 Facts About Dyslexia You Haven’t Heard a Thousand Times Before

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and many educational providers share helpful and relevant information on this common problem (including Edublox!). We take a look at a few lesser known facts about dyslexia to add to the wealth of knowledge available on the subject.

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16 Facts About Dyslexia

Where does the term dyslexia come from? How common is the problem? Is dyslexia tied to IQ? Does the dyslexic’s brain differ from the normal reader’s brain? Was Albert Einstein dyslexic?

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Dyslexia Awareness Month: Busting the Old Myths about Dyslexia

International Dyslexia Awareness Month is observed annually during October and aims to unite like-minded organisations in sharing knowledge and resources about dyslexia with parents, teachers and the general public. In support of this initiative, Edublox examines how early research has contributed to many misconceptions about dyslexia, and also busts a few common myths about this learning problem.

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Dyslexia Facts

Over the years, the term dyslexia has been given a variety of definitions, and for this reason, many teachers have resisted using the term at all. Instead, they have used such terms as "reading disability" or "learning disability" to describe conditions more correctly designated as dyslexia. While a lot of uncertainty continues to surround dyslexia, here are some facts...

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Is Dyslexia Really a Gift?

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Auguste Rodin, George Patton, and Woodrow Wilson were apparently dyslexic. Dyslexia is therefore considered as a sign of genius. Is this true, or is there perhaps another side to the dyslexia coin that is being overlooked?

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Parents Urged to Learn More About Reading Difficulties, Dyslexia

“Your child is dyslexic.” A parent’s worst nightmare may be to hear these words. This October, known as Dyslexia Awareness Month, Edublox urges parents to find out more about the reading and learning problems their children may have...

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Dyslexia Label May ‘Disable’ Teachers

Different labels for difficulties with reading have been found to be associated with varying beliefs in how effective teachers believe they can be. The label 'dyslexia' is seen as a fixed disability, and teachers believe their ability to help children with 'dyslexia' is unlikely to develop over time. By contrast...

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