Dyslexia Facts



Dyslexia: Symptoms, Causes and Solution

The extreme viewpoints about dyslexia make it difficult for parents to know how to best help their child. On the one side of the debate there is the group that believes dyslexia is a condition that cannot be cured, but endured and on the other extreme there are those who say diagnoses of dyslexia is a complete waste of time.

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14 Facts and Myths About Dyslexia

Where does the term dyslexia come from? How common is the problem? Is dyslexia tied to IQ? Does the dyslexic’s brain differ from the normal reader’s brain?

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Help, My Child Has Dyslexia (Part 1)

There are few things that create so much tension within a parent as a child who struggles with reading, spelling and writing. Whereas most children find it easy, or relatively easy, for one out of five children this experience is very different.

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New Research May Change the Face of Dyslexia

According to popular belief dyslexia is a neurological disorder in the brain which causes information to be processed and interpreted differently, resulting in reading difficulties. However, this notion has recently been challenged by neuroscientist John D. E. Gabrieli...

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