Radio Interview, 702 Talk Radio: Is Dyslexia a Myth?

There is much debate around dyslexia and whether it is life-long condition that must be diagnosed or a meaningless description used for personal gain that should be discontinued. Talk Radio 702 presenter John Robbie talks to Susan du Plessis about the debate.

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Dyslexia Label May ‘Disable’ Teachers

Different labels for difficulties with reading have been found to be associated with varying beliefs in how effective teachers believe they can be. The label 'dyslexia' is seen as a fixed disability, and teachers believe their ability to help children with 'dyslexia' is unlikely to develop over time. By contrast...

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TV Programme, Sifun’Ukwazi Talk Show: Dyslexia

The language is Zulu; the topic is dyslexia, a word meaning “difficulty with words or language” and frequently used to refer to a child — or adult — who seems much brighter than what his reading and written work suggest.

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Dyslexia Isn’t a Matter of IQ, Brain Imaging Study Shows

Dyslexia could be just a label, according to scientists, after a study of brain scans found there is little difference between the way children with the condition think while trying to read and those who simply have a low IQ.

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Dyslexic Readers Have Disrupted Network Connections in the Brain

A new study in Biological Psychiatry maps the circuitry of dyslexia. Compared to typical readers, dyslexic readers had weaker connections between areas that process visual information and areas that control attention, suggesting that individuals with dyslexia are less able to focus on printed words.

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How to Help a Child with Dyslexia

“Dyslexia isn’t a disability but rather an inability related to the skills affecting reading and spelling,” says Susan du Plessis of Edublox. Skills such as concentration and the ability to interpret what you see, upon which reading and spelling are built, aren’t properly developed.

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Living with Dyslexia

One day after school Branden Brooks' mom told him to remove his lunchbox from his schoolbag, put his shoes away and drop his clothes in the washing basket. About 10 minutes later she popped into his room, only to see him on sitting on his bed - still in his school uniform...

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Less Brain Matter a Consequence, Not Cause of Dyslexia

In people with dyslexia, less grey matter in the brain has been linked to reading disabilities, but now new evidence suggests this is a consequence of poorer reading experiences and not the root cause of the disorder.

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Retraining Brains to Deal with Learning Disabilities

IMAGINE going through school unable to read, spell or write properly. You know you are not “stupid” but you just can’t seem to get the work into your head. You could be one of thousands of people who struggle with a learning disability in South Africa.

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Dyslexia Symptoms and Signs

While the term is mostly used to describe a severe reading problem, there has been little agreement in the literature or in practice concerning the definition of severe or the specific distinguishing characteristics that differentiate dyslexia from other reading problems.

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