Famous People and Dyslexia



Is Dyslexia Really a Gift?

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Auguste Rodin, George Patton, and Woodrow Wilson were apparently dyslexic. Dyslexia is therefore considered as a sign of genius. Is this true, or is there perhaps another side to the dyslexia coin that is being overlooked?

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Einstein’s Biographers Debunk Dyslexia Claim

The popular image that men of eminence are learning disabled promotes an aura of romanticism around the learning disabilities field. Albert Einstein, arguably the greatest scientist of all time, is usually at the top of the list of famous dyslexics.

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Dyslexia: The Write Stuff

Who would have thought that sexy Tom Cruise was chastised as a child. But, by his own admission, the Collateral star says it took him years before he was able to speak openly about being dyslexic...

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