Help for Learning Difficulties



Specially for the Young Ones

They say never make a problem work against you, make it work for you. The therapy with Audiblox teaches children that. Audiblox is a unique development programme aimed at the inculcation of basic skills that look at easy yet effective ways to help children overcome their learning disabilities.

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A New Style of Teaching

Vicky Neighbors has had an interest in education ever since she can remember. She even wrote an essay in seventh grade, "Teaching Exceptional Children," about teaching children with special needs. For example, children who are very intelligent, but have trouble reading.

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New Hope for Slow Readers

Despite having adequate intelligence and opportunity, many children show great disparity between their verbal skills and learning ability. These children, often regarded as 'learning disabled', are now being offered new hope...

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The Causes of Learning Disabilities

Successful intervention is dependent on finding the cause or causes of a problem. Most problems can only be solved if one knows their causes. A disease such as scurvy claimed the lives of thousands of seamen during their long sea voyages. The disease was cured fairly quickly once the cause was discovered, viz. a Vitamin C deficiency...

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Disabled (10) Learns to Read and Write in 60 Days

“Mom, why can't I read?” Sonja Conradie (10) wanted to know after hearing her younger sister, Marna (9), read and seeing her write. Sonja, who suffered brain damage after contracting meningitis and encephalitis as a baby...

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