Learning Difficulties



Help for Children with Learning Difficulties

In modern Western society mastery of basic academic skills — reading, writing and arithmetic — is a necessary prerequisite for success in both school and employment settings and society at large. However, due to learning difficulties, the futures of many children are put in jeopardy.

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Overcoming Learning Failure

Our research has consistently shown that if children do not learn to understand language, to read and write, to calculate and reason mathematically, to solve problems, and to communicate their ideas and perspectives, their opportunities for a fulfilling and rewarding life are seriously compromised.

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The Real Price of Not Addressing Your Child’s Learning Problems

Failing or delaying to address a child’s learning difficulties has far-reaching implications for both parents and children alike. Edublox reading, maths and learning clinic warns that the real cost of withholding learning intervention programmes from children with learning difficulties should not be underestimated.

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Video: Overcoming a Reading and Learning Disability

While there is no ‘quick-fix’ for learning failure and learning difficulties, our intensive 1-on-1 course has proved to accelerate results and will help your child take a giant leap forward! The duration of the course is 10 days, and is offered from Monday – Friday, daily from 08h00 – 13h30.

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Traditional versus Technological: Tech Solutions Won’t Solve Learning Problems

There’s no doubt that technology is a valuable tool for learning and there are many associated educational benefits, but teachers and parents should be careful to introduce technology as a learning tool at the right time and place according to a child’s needs and ability.

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Poor Readers Face Learning Difficulties

The PIRLS 2006 study compared the reading abilities of children in 40 countries. South Africa came last, after Morocco. Only 13% of our Grade 4 learners reached the lowest benchmark compared to 94% of learners internationally; only 1% achieved the advanced benchmark, compared to 7% internationally.

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TV Documentary, SABC 1: Whizz Kids of Mzansi

This six-part documentary series, broadcast on SABC 1 in 2012, aimed at revealing the mystery behind the world of gifted children. Who are they, were they born with their gifts or were they nurtured into giftedness? Edublox featured in episode four of this series, on 28 February 2012.

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Conquering the Learning Block

Jayesh never showed any interest in reading, his concentration levels were low and he detested writing. His intelligence quotient, however, was above average. Today, Jayesh no longer avoids reading. His conversation skills have improved and he has become attentive. “He has shown tremendous improvement,” says father Sushil.

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Book World Opens Around the Block

In 15 years, Karusha Kratz had learnt to read only four words. But after two weeks of a new intensive course, Karusha can now understand 45 words and is beginning to read basic books. Karusha, who has Williams syndrome and attends Inala Special School, says she found it “aggravating” not to be able to read.

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Disabled (10) Learns to Read and Write in 60 Days

“Mom, why can't I read?” Sonja Conradie (10) wanted to know after hearing her younger sister, Marna (9), read and seeing her write. Sonja, who suffered brain damage after contracting meningitis and encephalitis as a baby...

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