Learning Disabilities



Video: Closing the Gap – “Matthew Effect” in Learning Disabilities

You've heard the saying "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". The same is true for learning – those with learning difficulties face a growing academic achievement gap when compared to other learners. This is known as the Matthew Effect and is the subject of the next episode in our Short Video Series.

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The Right to Read, Chapter 6: At the Crossroads

"The Right to Read" is no longer for sale, but Part One of this book can now be read online!... It has always been typical of the human being that he wants an explanation for most phenomena he encounters. Having an explanation greatly contributes to his sense of security. This desire is so great that, if he comes across a phenomenon for which he cannot find a reasonable and a rational explanation, he will fabricate one himself.

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The Right to Read, Chapter 5: Intervention

"The Right to Read" is no longer for sale, but Part One of this book can now be read online!... Soon after the “discovery” of learning disabilities in the 1960s, remedial programs of different types were under way, ranging from small one-enthusiastic-teacher size programs to large, nationally funded ones. However, a disappointing shock came to many special educators in the U.S.A. when the President's Report to Congress, reported by Nixon in 1970 in American Education, stated its findings.

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The Right to Read, Chapter 4: LD or not LD?

"The Right to Read" is no longer for sale, but Part One of this book can now be read online!... One could probably fill a vast library if one would put together all the research studies that attempted to prove that a learning disability is caused by either a neurological dysfunction, or that it is a genetically transferred disorder.

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Help for Children with Learning Difficulties

In modern Western society mastery of basic academic skills — reading, writing and arithmetic — is a necessary prerequisite for success in both school and employment settings and society at large. However, due to learning difficulties, the futures of many children are put in jeopardy.

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Overcoming Learning Failure

Our research has consistently shown that if children do not learn to understand language, to read and write, to calculate and reason mathematically, to solve problems, and to communicate their ideas and perspectives, their opportunities for a fulfilling and rewarding life are seriously compromised.

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The Real Price of Not Addressing Your Child’s Learning Problems

Failing or delaying to address a child’s learning difficulties has far-reaching implications for both parents and children alike. Edublox reading, maths and learning clinic warns that the real cost of withholding learning intervention programmes from children with learning difficulties should not be underestimated.

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Dewald Defies Learning Deficits

Dewald was born Deaf of Deaf. Both his parents are deaf as well as his younger brother. Because he was failing English Literacy, Mathematics and Sign Language, Dewald attended a 10-day, 43-hour Edublox course. Watch the video to see the results.

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Retraining Brains to Deal with Learning Disabilities

IMAGINE going through school unable to read, spell or write properly. You know you are not “stupid” but you just can’t seem to get the work into your head. You could be one of thousands of people who struggle with a learning disability in South Africa.

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TV Documentary, SABC 1: Whizz Kids of Mzansi

This six-part documentary series, broadcast on SABC 1 in 2012, aimed at revealing the mystery behind the world of gifted children. Who are they, were they born with their gifts or were they nurtured into giftedness? Edublox featured in episode four of this series, on 28 February 2012.

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