Learning Problems



Help for Children with Learning Difficulties

In modern Western society mastery of basic academic skills — reading, writing and arithmetic — is a necessary prerequisite for success in both school and employment settings and society at large. However, due to learning difficulties, the futures of many children are put in jeopardy.

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Overcoming Learning Failure

Our research has consistently shown that if children do not learn to understand language, to read and write, to calculate and reason mathematically, to solve problems, and to communicate their ideas and perspectives, their opportunities for a fulfilling and rewarding life are seriously compromised.

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The Real Price of Not Addressing Your Child’s Learning Problems

Failing or delaying to address a child’s learning difficulties has far-reaching implications for both parents and children alike. Edublox reading, maths and learning clinic warns that the real cost of withholding learning intervention programmes from children with learning difficulties should not be underestimated.

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Video: Overcoming a Reading and Learning Disability

While there is no ‘quick-fix’ for learning failure and learning difficulties, our intensive 1-on-1 course has proved to accelerate results and will help your child take a giant leap forward! The duration of the course is 10 days, and is offered from Monday – Friday, daily from 08h00 – 13h30.

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Learning Blockages for Students and Learners

The primary and high school years can be stressful for children; particularly those battling academically. These children often feel that there is something wrong with them and that they can’t be helped. However, recent research results have indicated a significant correlation between levels of academic achievement in children and the learning blockages that they experience.

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Conquering the Learning Block

Jayesh never showed any interest in reading, his concentration levels were low and he detested writing. His intelligence quotient, however, was above average. Today, Jayesh no longer avoids reading. His conversation skills have improved and he has become attentive. “He has shown tremendous improvement,” says father Sushil.

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Specially for the Young Ones

They say never make a problem work against you, make it work for you. The therapy with Audiblox teaches children that. Audiblox is a unique development programme aimed at the inculcation of basic skills that look at easy yet effective ways to help children overcome their learning disabilities.

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Program Improves Reading

For 15 years Karusha Kratz has only been able to read four words. But after a two-week intensive learning program called Audiblox, Karusha can read 45 words. Karusha, 15, has Williams syndrome. Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which causes varying degrees of intellectual disability...

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Hope for Slow Readers

When last year teachers told Gail Lawson of Northdene that her daughter Jennifer's reading was "quite slow" for Class Two she didn't think much of it. But a few months later when she volunteered to become a "reading mother" at the school after being retrenched, she realised Jenny did have a real problem.

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Why Some Children Seem to Struggle

Some children who struggle at school are regarded as learning disabled. Dr. Jan Strydom thinks this view is out of focus, and suggests a way in which such children may be helped.

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