Memory Problems



What to Do When You Can’t Remember

What do you do when you can’t remember a word? It’s right on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite recall it no matter how hard you try. This can be a frustrating experience for anyone, particularly if you’re talking to someone important and need to convey important information.

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Poor Working Memory Impedes Academic Success, Preventing Children from Achieving Their Potential

According to researchers from Durham University, children who underachieve at school may just have poor working memory rather than low intelligence. On the positive side learners with a strong working memory are likely to do well maintaining focus and attention in a variety of academic settings, and improving working memory can boost...

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Poor Working Memory a Barrier to Academic Success

Children who underachieve at school may just have poor working memory rather than low intelligence, according to researchers who have produced the world's first tool to assess memory capacity in the classroom. Researchers from Durham University, who surveyed over three thousand children, found that ten percent of schoolchildren across all age ranges suffer from poor working memory seriously affecting their learning.

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Research Study: Visual Memory Improved by 1.3 Years in Five Days

Various researchers have stated that as much as eighty percent of all learning takes place through the eye, with visual memory existing as a crucial aspect of learning. Visual memory involves the ability to store and retrieve previously experienced visual sensations and perceptions when the stimuli that originally evoked them are no longer present.

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Improving Memory Fundamental to Overcoming Learning Disabilities

Memory is the retention of information over time. There are many kinds of memory: short-term memory, long-term memory, visual memory and auditory memory, to name but a few. These four kinds of memory are foundational skills of learning and improving them is fundamental towards overcoming learning disabilities.

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