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Meet Susan du Plessis, Educational Practitioner at Edublox Pretoria East

With extensive research into learning problems, and as a published author and respected media commentator on this subject, Susan realised there was a need to establish specialised centres for helping children overcome learning difficulties and so she opened the first Edublox reading and learning clinic in 2007.

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Brain Training Clinic Is Well Worth Your Attention

Many children are being “diagnosed” with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) these days, but Susan du Plessis, director of educational programmes at Edublox reading and learning clinic, believes the disorders can be cured or even prevented if certain behaviours are intercepted and the brain is trained from an early age.

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A Grand Entrance for Troy

By the third term of 2011, Troy took to reading the Bible before bed every night, and he comfortably reads out every signboard he sees along the roadside. Troy has moved from the position of needing to repeat a grade, to achieving high results for all reading related topics, as well as spelling and phonics activities.

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