Teaching Reading



When Is My Child Ready for Reading?

The concept reading readiness appears to have been introduced in the United States in a publication of the National Society for the Study of Education in 1925. The concept was based on the notion that a child’s readiness to cope with specified learning tasks is fundamentally a process of maturation, and that the process of maturation could not be appreciably speeded up. The role of learning was considered to play only a supportive role...

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Teaching Reading Right

Imagine not being able to read. Your academic career would not go further than high school, seriously hampering your chances of ever working your way up in the world. You could never apply for a job without assistance, being incapable of filling out an application form. You couldn’t correspond with friends, read for pleasure or treat your children to bedtime stories...

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TV Documentary, Agenda: Getting It Right

The story of Sonja, who soon after birth contracted meningitis and encephalitis, causing severe brain damage. Doctors said she would never read nor write. That was until her parents heard about Audiblox, and Sonja learned to read in 60 days.

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