Amukelani’s Attitude Towards Learning Has Drastically Improved

I was originally referred to Edublox in 2017 when my eldest daughter was struggling with Mathematics. With her, I observed wonders as she started to excel in other school subjects like life skills. Her confidence was boosted, and she surpassed expectations as her cognitive skills developed. With Amukelani I tried two other different educational programmes, and I was not impressed as no positive results were yielded. That is when I ran to Edublox.

Amukelani’s school report from the 2nd term to the 3rd term has improved tremendously. The Edublox programme really provides a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity for students. My child now does not want to miss her lessons at Edublox. Her attitude to education and learning has drastically changed for the better. Amukelani is no longer withdrawn to do schoolwork as she understands most of the concepts. Her confidence level is so amazing, even my extended family are impressed.

Edublox has the ability to work wonders with children who are unmotivated and end up falling behind in school. My child had fallen into a hole, and we did not know of how to pull her out. Edublox came to our rescue and it can do the same for your child and family.

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David Mnisi Amukelani's Father

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