The Best Decision We Could Have Made!

Our Edublox journey started in June 2017 after receiving Kalib’s Term 2 report. I was devastated as I did not expect my child to fail, especially not after he had passed so well in the first term. Moreover, the feedback from his teacher was that he refused to speak Afrikaans in class and when asked a question he would simple reply in English.

We made several enquiries about extra classes, but they all ended with a: “”I’m sorry we do not have enough space” or “We cannot assist”. Until one day!

Whilst driving through town we noticed that a new business has opened its doors and decided to enquire. That decision was the best we could have made!!

My son’s confidence has grown tremendously since the very first session he had with Rika and her team. His has shown improvement in all his subjects. He is currently in Grade 4 and is still a proud Edublox student.

When my daughter started Grade 1 in 2019, she was almost instantly enrolled in Edublox. She has constantly performed well in school.

Both of my children are excelling in Maths, due to the Mathblox sessions that they are attending.

The Edublox program has really had a positive impact on my children’s lives. It was honestly and truly the best decision I have made and we will continue to be part of the Edublox family for a very long time.

Yours in Education
Melony Partridge
20 November 2020

An average of 81% and 79% after failing in Grade 2! 

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