Celebrating Radical Improvements in Scholastic Performance

Email received on 8 July 2019:   

To whom it may concern.

In 2017 we discovered that our daughter had concentration problems. At that point we had to decide if corrective action remained in the traditional medical sphere or whether there were alternative ways of helping an 8-year old with a problem that she was not aware of, and really could not understand.

We decided to invest in the opportunity for our daughter to develop her cognitive processes and embarked on the Edublox journey.

Eighteen months later, I can report that we are celebrating radical improvements in her scholastic performance.  Not only did she enjoy the interaction with the respective teachers, but her confidence got a tremendous boost during this period.

I would recommend the Edublox journey any day.

Monique and her team is highly qualified to assist our children and guides them with beautiful passion. Rest assured that your child will be in very good and loving hands.

Nerina De Villiers-Viljoen

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Nerina De Villiers-Viljoen Edublox Mom

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