My Child Changed Completely

Bismark’s problems started when he went to Grade R. His teacher approached us and advised that we keep him back a year as he was not meeting the minimum requirements, and the same happened with his Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers. After speech therapy, occupational therapy and all other avenues failed, we heard about Edublox.

Edublox did an assessment, and he was testing low in terms of his cognitive skills and we started out on our journey.

My child changed completely – from where he barely made the requirements to almost 80% on his report card in Grade 7, without us keeping him a year back!

My child is always smiling and talking, as he no longer has issues with socialising. He is a confident little man now, with a lot of friends. I would definitely recommend Edublox to everyone!

Yolande Eksteen

Bismark is a top achiever as a Grade 7 thanks to his hard work and long-term commitment to Edublox! 

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Yolande Eksteen Bismark’s Mother

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