Our Children Are Closing the Gap

Tyler and Dylan are dyslexic and were not coping in the very big classes at school. The teachers were also not equipped to help them learn. They made hurtful comments like telling them that their reading is pathetic and told me that if I did not teach them to read, they would not pass the year. I was completely shocked as I am not a teacher and did not know where to start. This was obviously also not good for their self-confidence and we decided we needed to move them immediately.

When taking Dylan and Tyler for an entrance assessment at Curro Durbanville, we found out that the marks received from their previous school were very inaccurate. Curro was very worried that the boys were so far behind where they should be at their grade level, which prompted us to have the boys assessed by and educational psychologist, who diagnosed them with dyslexia.

After getting the diagnosis, I knew I wanted to move them into an environment with small classes and teachers who had the knowledge, patience and kindness to help them learn, build their self-esteems back up and help them to learn the all-important lesson that, just because it’s not easy, does not mean it’s not worth pursuing and eventually mastering. We started searching for schools and we could not find the right placement for them until Belinda mentioned Edublox. Once we enrolled, it has been fantastic to watch them grow into the boys they are today.

Tyler and Dylan have been in the EASY program for almost two years now and the changes in their reading and writing are remarkable. They can read most material independently and although they still struggle with spelling, they make very few reversals. They previously would not be able to even attempt to read material that they had not memorised. More importantly, they are happy, confident and have a positive attitude towards learning as well as their ability to learn. They also now want to work independently. Their grit and determination in developing the skills which are very difficult for them to master is inspiring and we are very proud to be their parents.

At Edublox EASY our children are closing the gap that they would not have been able to do at a mainstream school and they are more relaxed. We are more relaxed as a family as well, as the burden of teaching our children is not completely on our shoulders. Although there is some homework, it is fun and encourages family time and a love for reading, rather than the frustration and tears experienced before.

Many very successful people have learning disabilities and struggled at school. Early detection is the key to successfully overcoming a learning disability as, the further behind they get, the less likely they are to catch up. Edublox EASY has provided everything our children needed to overcome their difficulties and flourish.

Billy McFerren

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Billy McFerren Father of Tyler and Dylan

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