A Confident Girl Doing Her Best, Every Single Day

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This is a testimonial for Angelique Kotze.

Angelique is currently in Grade 3 at Steve Jobs Sundowner. Near to the end of term 2 it was brought to my attention that Angelique was struggling to read. I had a meeting with Angelique’s teacher who did a reading assessment. The assessment showed that Angelique was 2 years behind with her reading! When I asked the teacher what I could do to help my daughter, she said that I should take Angelique to Edublox.

A week later I made an appointment with Monique to assess Angelique. Needless to say the assessment also showed that Angelique was way behind with reading, form perception, visual memory and auditory memory.

Angelique went on the 10 day one-on-one with Tracy and she has lessons twice a week as well as online work.

Angelique went on her one-on-one mid-August, a week before assessments and tests started at her school. On the first day of her one-on-one with Tracy she told me that there was a competition, and if she gets 100 stickers by the end of the 10 day course, she would win a Steers lunch. Angelique told me she was going to work hard cause she really wanted it. She got up with a smile everyday and never complained during the 10 day course. I could see my daughter gaining confidence every day. On the last day of the one-on-one at Edulox Angelique received her prize (lunch from Steers). I will never forget that day — she was so excited to go in and finish her course and claim her prize😊. The feedback after the one-on-one was impressive and I was sobbing by the end of it. I am so proud of my daughter. She got great feedback on her new assessment after the one-on-one. During all this time Angelique never complained and always completed her work with a good attitude.

When Angelique went back to school she applied what she had learned from Edublox. Her Afrikaans teacher told me that she saw a change in the way Angelique was doing her work and that she applied what she had learned during the 10 day course. She was very impressed with Angelique. After school assessments and tests Angelique got her school report. She aced it!!! See attached😊.

During the last school holiday we spent 30 min daily with reading and again, no complaints from Angelique. Today I see a more confident little girl who is doing her best every single day, and I can clearly see how she applies what she had learned from Edublox thus far and it shows in her results.

Thank you Monique and Tracy at Edublox Northcliff for all you do and for saving my child during this crucial time at school.

Kind regards

Very proud mommy of such an angel sent from above…

Annemarie Kotze

Angelique’s school report:

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Annemarie Kotze Angelique's mother

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