Edublox Becomes Key to Future Education

The letter below was emailed to Mango Juice, the in-flight magazine of Mango Airline:

Good morning to the Editor, Mango Juice Mag and Zainu,

It is with great pleasure I write this letter. Through one of your adverts I recently enrolled my daughter in a program at Edublox.

My eleven year old daughter is in grade 6. Britney* has gone through so much a child of her age. Growing up without her dad, losing my mom (her grandma and closest friend) to cancer, moving schools after grade 4, and moving 3 times in one year …

All of this took its toll on her and showed in her marks the second term in grade 6. At wit’s end, I spoke to the head at Edublox Claremont. After being tested, it confirmed what I believed: Britney scored 97% for one skill but other skills were weak, indicating a learning disability. To rectify this became key to her future education.

As a single mother, I had no idea how and where to start. Zainu, the head, not only encouraged me in the manner she spoke to me, but took it a step further in making it possible financially for my daughter to enrol in extra classes on a Saturday.

In the second term results Britney received 3’s and 4’s. This distressed her very much and made her feel discouraged to a point that she did not want to return to school. After the first Saturday, she went back to school the Monday and not only received 80% in her maths test, but the teacher noted with a positive remark that she could see Britney was trying.

How could one class change things around for an eleven year old? I cannot fully understand — all I know is that she went from being intimidated and bullied to a self-assured happy person. While in a Saturday class she sent me a whatsapp message saying, “mommy I love you I am enjoying this so much”.

I cannot define education methods, all I know that if not for Edublox Britney would have ended up at a doctor. Speaking of a doctor, in grade 5 and the first part of grade 6 she was often absent with illness varying from allergies, sinus, flu and period pains. Current term no absentees to date.

Thank you, Mango, for your advert of Edublox and taking care of a need of your readers. Your magazine shows insight to the average Joe’s needs as well as being a classy magazine. I am happy to report that my daughter is not only back on form but better than ever before. Her language and handwriting are improving, and she is again getting top marks in maths, her favourite subject.

Thank you Edublox for your love and dedication in understanding my daughter and righting a complicated matter with care.

Kind regards


*Name changed to protect the identity of the child.

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Norma Edublox Parent

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