Edublox Helped My Child to Read, Learn and Achieve!

I enrolled my son at Edublox in Grade 1 on recommendation of his school teacher. He experienced difficulties with reading and writing basic words and therefore fell behind in class. We also noticed reversals in his letters and numbers.

After attending Edublox for one term, once a week, we started noticing an improvement on his report card. His Edublox teacher was also very helpful in guiding me on how we could supplement the Edublox classes with extra exercises at home.

Within the next year he progressed very well with his reading and word recognition. He gained confidence in reading and as a result has a better self-esteem.

After 2 years at Edublox he is able to write words within the correct order and sequence and showed no reversals during his formal assessment. He is able to read with insight and able to follow the task at hand. This also has a good influence on his mathematics, when doing word sums. His attention and concentration have improved significantly.

All the hard work of the teachers at Edublox has paid off and we are ever so thankful for the investment they made in my son’s future. The correct intervention helped my child to read, learn and achieve!

Thank you Edublox!

Marian Loots

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