Enthusiasm and Excitement for Learning

Feedback from Ammaarah Rinquest (Samaah’s mother):

We enrolled Samaah at Edublox in March 2018 (Grade 2) due to the fact that we had seen she was just struggling tremendously with her workload and started to notice the knock-on effect this was having on her self-confidence. She started questioning her ability to do things that she usually loved doing, like reading.

In the last 8 months there has literally been an all-round improvement. On an academic level Samaah has progressed beautifully, especially with regards to English and Mathematics. Her handwriting has improved drastically and due to her having so much support from Edublox and her school/teacher, we have noticed a major uplift in her emotional capacity – she is happier, confident in herself and her work and is incredibly willing to do over and above tasks needed to complete at hand. Samaah could benefit from some extra support in Afrikaans and there are certain areas in Mathematics that can be improved, but she has come such a long way!

We have seen the positive impact this has had from a home environment as well and we honestly couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has attributed towards developing our child into such a well-rounded kid.

Feedback from Ms C Basson (Samaah’s Grade 2 teacher):

As Samaah’s Grade 2 teacher, I have noticed a huge improvement in her overall academic progress as well as her self-confidence.

In the beginning of the year, I could tell that Samaah was anxious about the workload and found it all very overwhelming. She tried really hard in class, but she struggled to complete the work set out for her and lacked confidence in her knowledge.

Within the last 8 months she has drastically improved academically and socially. Samaah completes her work timeously (sometimes she is even the first one to have completed work), and she doesn’t have a problem working independently at her desk. Samaah has developed a passion for books and her favourite pastime is reading on the mat. She went from reading lower level books to going beyond the required reading level in such a short time. Her sentences have developed into well detailed and structured sentences. Her face just lights up when she hears that we will be writing stories and she never fails to amaze me with her creativity. Samaah has gained confidence academically throughout this year and is able to tackle new challenges with ease. She has this enthusiasm and excitement for learning and loves participating in class discussions. Samaah has come such a long way since starting Edublox and I couldn’t be more proud of her achievements. Well done, Samaah! You are a super star!

Edublox development report comments, August 2018 (Hannelie Brönner):

Samaah has made excellent progress in the 5-6 months she’s been attending Edublox, especially given that she only attends one lesson per week. Samaah has made good progress already in most of the cognitive areas, although all the areas still need ongoing development. Logical thinking remains a weaker area as Samaah still tends to guess at answers rather than taking the time or using the blocks to reason out the problems.

Her stronger cognitive basis has already resulted in good progress in her reading, spelling and reading speed. Her reading at grade level (Grade 2) has improved by two stanines, from low average (4/9) to high average (6/9), which is amazing. Her reading speed has also improved drastically, from 12 wpm to 39 wpm. The greatest improvement, however, has been in her spelling. During her first assessment Samaah was unable to spell any Grade 2 words, and she spelled only at a low average level (4/9) for the Grade 1 spelling test. During this assessment Samaah could spell 16 of the 20 Grade 2 words correctly, which is a stanine of 7/9 (good) for Grade 2! Even her handwriting has matured significantly.

Samaah has progressed well beyond expectation and we are very proud of her achievements.

Samaah’s Grade 2 report confirms her improvement in English:

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Ammaarah Rinquest & Ms C Basson Samaah's Mother & Teacher

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