Holiday Program Gives a Great Boost

Kyla is a well-loved girl with a great personality. Her greatest frustration is that she can’t always verbally express herself. Because of her difficulties, she did not pass the first two quarters of her school year.

Kyla started at Edublox after the second quarter in 2019 with a holiday program. This gave her a great boost. Thereafter she attended classes for three hours per week.

Her report reflected improvements, quarter after quarter:

Listening and Speaking3/75/7


Her Mathematics and Life Skills marks also improved from a 4/7 to a 5/7 from the first quarter to the final quarter.

Important for us as a family was her attitude towards reading. It became very positive and she started to show more and more interest.

Her self-confidence is growing daily, and she shows less signs of frustration in her daily routine and interactions with friends and family.

Susan Buitendag

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Susan Buitendag Kyla's mom

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