Average Improved by 11%, from 55% to 66%

From: Michelle Theron <theron.mich…
Sent: 27 September 2019 09:16 AM
To: Monique van Heerden <[email protected]>

Good Morning Monique

Wow, have a look at Mik’s report.

We are so proud of her. It took sometime, but we got there…. thank you Edublox.

It has been an eyeopener to see how she has improved through the year so far. Comparing her average from last term to this term, she has improved by 11%, from 55% to 66%.

The one-on-one sessions she attended in the March holiday’s have finally come through.

Her reading subject marks, Natuurwetenskappe (42%, 43% and now 67%) and Sosiale Wetenskappe (36%, 55% and now 69%) have increased tremendously. Let’s not talk about the Maths (42%, 43% and now 57%).

She has really benefited from the Edublox system, along with her dedication and her commitment to work harder.

I would love her to be considered for the Reward Box.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards

Michelle Theron

Mikayla’s much improved report:

Update, November 2017: Mikayla received a merit certificate for ‘best progress in Grade 6!’

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Michelle Theron Mikayla's mother

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