Janco’s Energy Radiates Happiness After Edublox Classes

It seemed that there was a gap with the laying down of the foundation in some of the math concepts. Adding to that a break in the academic year due to Covid, had a devastating result on his maths. Janco is also a very quiet child who “flies under the radar” and will never admit to struggling. With large classes, it is easy for a “quiet” child to just “disappear”. After confiding in a friend, she told me of Edublox and the wonderful results her children showed after attending.

When Anouska evaluated him and we experienced her absolute passion for helping children. Not only did Janco feel comfortable at the evaluation session but enjoyed it, so we decided that this would be a perfect fit for our son. His maths improved by an astonishing 35 % from the 2nd to the 3rd term. Not only that, but most of his subjects showed improvement resulting in a higher aggregate.

Janco’s general reading with comprehension has improved in both English and Afrikaans and he received the “Mees Gevorderde Toekenning” (Most Improved Reward).  We are hoping that his maths will go from strength to strength. What an awesome journey we have been on with Edublox. Starting with the dedicated, loving and what I can only describe as Angles that teach our son twice a week. His energy radiates happiness when we collect him from Edublox.  This is a safe haven where kids are taught with such passion, love and I am sure at times tonnes of patience. At Edublox they do not accept that it cannot be done. They will find a way where we as parents sometimes think there is no way. Edublox has been the best decision and best investment we have ever made in our son.


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Janus Delport Father

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