Jemma Progressing in all her Subjects

Jemma, who is on the Autism spectrum, was struggling with maths, Afrikaans and English and I enrolled her at Edublox in Grade 3.

Her speech was delayed, and she was not performing academically at the old school. She needed the small class groups and a lot of one-on-one individual attention and structure that Edublox could provide.

In what respects have you noticed improvement?

She reads, writes and speaks better. She has improved and progressed a lot in all her subjects. She has become very confident and socially improved a lot as well. She now works independently, as before she would always wait on instructions. Her speech and handwriting has improved and she now reads with understanding. She basically started all her grades from scratch and was able to do three grades in one year as they started all her work from scratch when she started at Edublox.

She now loves going to school every day and has a good relationship with her teachers and peers.

She can also read and write Afrikaans much better whereas before she did not understand it.

Why would you recommend Edublox to other parents?

The team is very passionate about teaching and about the kids and teach them according to their needs. They pay special attention to each child’s requirements and therefore teach them in a way that’s best suited for them. Edublox is like a family, as they really care about the kids. Also, if one method does not work, they will try different methods. They always keep parents updated with kid’s progress and will easily pick up if a child needs to wear glasses etc. Your child gets individual attention!

Clintia Tobias

Listen to Clintia’s full video testimonial here: 

Jemma’s essay about summer demonstrates her overall progress: 

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Clintia Tobias Jemma’s Mother

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