He Loves the Learning Environment

Olivier is an energetic, very lively little boy. He was born 21 December 2011, a gift before Christmas, but it means he is a whole year younger than most of his peers. During lockdown, we realised that he memorised his sight words and used visual cues (like pictures) to guess the words rather than reading the words. He was spelling phonetically, and didn’t always apply spelling rules. He could read but not always with comprehension.

We investigated other options, but Edublox was our first choice as it was recommended by other parents.

We have noticed an improvement in all areas that he struggled with. He has the confidence to read, reads with comprehension, applies spelling rules and is not spelling phonetically anymore. He has a very positive attitude towards Edublox and attends class twice a week very diligently. He loves the learning environment they have created. The staff of Edublox makes the journey to read and spell a memorable one. We could see an improvement within the first 3 months.


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Celeste Mulder Oliver's Mother

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